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Friday, August 26

Query to get the list of responsibility's to which concurrent program has assigned

           FROM apps.fnd_responsibility_tl
          WHERE responsibility_id IN (
                   SELECT responsibility_id
                     FROM apps.fnd_responsibility_vl
                    WHERE request_group_id IN (
                             SELECT request_group_id
                               FROM apps.fnd_request_group_units
                              WHERE request_unit_id =
                                       (SELECT DISTINCT concurrent_program_id
                                                   FROM Apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl
                                                  WHERE user_concurrent_program_name =
                                                           '<Concurrent Program Name>'))
                      AND end_date IS NULL)
       ORDER BY responsibility_name


Anand Gaurav said...

Thanks a lot.. your query saved a lot of time..i will keep disturbing you now for more related queries. cheers :)

Anand Gaurav said...

Your Query saved a lot of my time. Thanks for your blog.. I will be posting more questions to be prepared :) Cheers.