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This page covers on basic Sql and Plsql queries
  1. Simple sub-queries and with Group functions 
  2. Joins and Types 
  3. General Functions and Types  
  4. Conversion Functions in Oracle & Types 
  5. Number Functions in Oracle  
  6. Date Functions in Oracle  
  7. Arthemetic Functions In Oracle  
  8. Analytical functions, LISTAGG and XMLAGG
PLSQL Scripts :
  1. How to submit a concurrent program from pl sql
  2. How to Register a Concurrent Program with a Responsibility
  3. Script to asign Concurrent Program to a Request group
  4. Script to set org context in Oracle apps R12 and 11i
  5. mailing-program-from-plsql.html
  6. XML Parsing -reading xml file in oracle pl sql example 
  7. Script to remove end date from responsibilities assigned to user  
  8. Script to create user accounts and assign the responsibilities
  9. Query too Find Profile Option Values
SQL Scripts :
  • Concurrent Programs
  1. Concurrent Program and Executable Details
  2. Get the Complete history of concurrent programs
  3. Script to find the list of responsibility's for which the program assigned
  4. Script to find the Submitted Concurrent program request details (Program name, user name, responsibility name)
  5. Script to Identify Concurrent Programs with trace enabled
  6. Script to display status of all the Concurrent Managers
  7. Script to get Concurrent Program and Executable Details
  8. Script to find Scheduled concurrent programs and request sets
  9. Working with Trace file for a concurrent program
  10. Create a Trace for Concurrent_program
  11. Status_Code and Phase_Code meaning in FND_CONCURRENT_REQUEST table
  12. Query too Find Profile Option Values
  • Application - Inquiry
  1. Script to get Login Passwords for application & Data Base instances
  2. Latest cloned date and Version of Oracle application
  3. Script to find the list users logged into application
  4. Script to Check Current Applied Patch & Patch level status of all modules
  5. Script to find the list of Forms used in application.
  6. Script to find Application Login URL from backend
  7. Useful script on Oracle alert History
  8. Oracle Apps Shortcut Keys
  9. Steps to generate Action Plan
  10. Tracing techniques in oracle applications
  11. password change from database
  • Database - Inquiry
  1. Sequence of SQL statement processed -- basic knowledge to increase the performance of your script
  2. Get all the views that refer a particular table
  3. Script to check Responsibilities assigned to a particular user or users assigned for particular responsibility or all users and their responsibilities:
  4. Oracle Flashback Query: Recovering at the Row Level (Recover deleted rows)
  5. Search all packages for a line of code
  6. Script to find Oracle API's for any module:
  7. Query to find profile Option values at user and responsibility level
  8. How to Referesh Materialized Views
  • Twisted Queries

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