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Saturday, September 10

Script to display status of all the Concurrent Managers

select distinct Concurrent_Process_Id CpId, PID Opid,
            Os_Process_ID Osid,
            Q.Concurrent_Queue_Name Manager,
            P.process_status_code Status,
            To_Char(P.Process_Start_Date, 'MM-DD-YYYY HH:MI:SSAM') Started_At
from   Fnd_Concurrent_Processes P,
            Fnd_Concurrent_Queues Q,
where  Q.Application_Id = Queue_Application_ID
  and  Q.Concurrent_Queue_ID = P.Concurrent_Queue_ID
  and  Spid = Os_Process_ID
  and  Process_Status_Code not in ('K','S')
order  by Concurrent_Process_ID, Os_Process_Id, Q.Concurrent_Queue_Name

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