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Thursday, November 24

Steps to generate Action Plan

Please perform the following for the debug log:

when you are ready to reproduce the issue, set the FND Debug profiles and run the following:

1. To Enable FND debug:

Navigate Responsibility: System Administrator > Profile => System
a. Find the FND profile options for User who is submitting the process to debug.

User: User submitting the process
Profile: FND:%Debug%

b. Set the following Profile values at the user level

FND: Debug Log Enabled :Yes
FND: Debug Log Filename: NULL
FND: Debug Log Level : STATEMENT
FND: Debug Log Module : %

c. Save.

2. Run the following.

select max(log_sequence)
from fnd_log_messages;

Note the value (value 1)

--Reproduce the issue and run the following

select max(log_sequence)
from fnd_log_messages;

Note the value (value 2)

Now run the following using the two values from the above:

select module, message_text
from fnd_log_messages
where log_sequence between &value1 and &value2
order by log_sequence;

upload the output in Excel format.

3. Disable Trace and FND Debug by resetting the above profiles.

Friday, November 4

Script to find the list of responsibility's for which the program assigned

FROM apps.fnd_responsibility_tl
WHERE responsibility_id IN
  (SELECT responsibility_id
  FROM apps.fnd_responsibility_vl
  WHERE request_group_id IN
    (SELECT request_group_id
    FROM apps.fnd_request_group_units
    WHERE request_unit_id =
      (SELECT DISTINCT concurrent_program_id
      FROM Apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl
      WHERE user_concurrent_program_name = :Concurrent_Program_name
  AND end_date IS NULL
ORDER BY responsibility_name;