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Thursday, October 24

Forms Personalization and CUSTOM.pll introduction

Some Introduction on Forms personalization and CUSTOM.pll

Forms personalization: is a new feature provided by Oracle starting from 11.5.10 version. This is a user interface for altering/customizing the oracle apps behavior.
Below is the navigation for Forms Personalization.

Menu Navigation: Help-->Diagnostics-->Custom Code-->Personalize.

The personalization form should be used to implement the custom rules on a specific form. The
specificform refers to the desired form on which you want to apply the custom business logic or
modify the form behavior.

CUSTOM.pll: is a pl/sql library which is present in UNIX Box in $AU_TOP/resource. It is a single library which is used for altering/Customizing the Oracle apps behavior.

Below tasks can be performed by both Forms personalization and CUSTOM.pll
1) Disabling the Button/field or any item on the form
2) Make the fields/DFF read only.
3) Pop some warning/error messages/ interactive messages.
4) populate other fields based on the other input field.
5) create some LOV on fly
6) Change the navigation/block in the form.

Advantages of Forms personalization
i) Forms personalization can be applied on any form easily with simple navigation from the form.
Menu Navigation: Help-->Diagnostics-->Custom Code-->Personalize.
ii) Multiple users can work on Forms personalization
iii) Can be easily migrated from instance to instance by using FNDLOAD
iv) The forms personalization rules are stored in the FND tables

Advantages of CUSTOM.pll
a) Not all triggers can be performed by Forms personalization, like using 'WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE'
b) User interactive messages and actions can be added.

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